Il vous faut

  • • Thaw in warm water
  • • Consume within 24 hours
  • • Do not leave to ambient air

Fresher than fresh

SAPMER's products are frozen at ultra-low temperatures to preserve the qualities of fresh fish as if they came out of the water.


  • Tuna piece in warm water - How to defrost your tuna

    • In warm water at 25 °C pour a handful of coarse salt.
    • Immerse your SAPMER tuna fillet, out of its plastic packaging, in this water for 1 minute.
    • Then wrap him in absorbing paper and place it in the refrigerator (2 °C to 5 °C): 8: 00 for a piece of 1.5 kg and more, 4 hours for a single serving.

  • wrapped tuna piece in a cloth - how to defrost

    • Keep your SAPMER tuna fillet in the fridge wrapped in absorbent paper during defrosting.
    • Return your piece at cool if not consumed entirely.

  • melt butter in pan for fish cooking

    • Tuna fillet is ideal for a marinated preparation and sear cooking with any type of accompaniments.
    • To get a juicy flesh with a nice pink color, it is recommended not to overcook your fillet.