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Ahi tuna stored in our Cape Town ultra-cold rooms retain their natural taste and impeccable freshness. SAPMER products are mainly distributed through leading retail chains and famous restaurants in South Africa.

Ahi tuna stored at -60°C in Cape Town

SAPMER lives up to the expectations of the South African market insofar as freshness is concerned. Following their processing in Mauritius, Ahi tuna products are stored in cold-storage rooms at an ultra-low temperature of -60°C as soon as they reach South Africa. They are then channeled to large retail chains and restaurants in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Mozambique and Botswana, where the unique flavors of the Ahi tuna are becoming increasingly popular.


Fish product distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa

From Cape Town, where they are stored at -60°C in accordance with our ultra-low temperature deep-freezing process for maximum freshness, the Ahu tuna products are also destined for the Sub-Saharan market. SAPMER Ahi tuna products are distributed in Namibia and Mozambique, where they offer the promise of new culinary experiences with a “fresher than fresh” fish.

The finest restaurants choose Ahi tuna

Our Ahi tuna products are prized both by large retail chains in South Africa and top chefs of renowned restaurants across the country. Loins, center-cut loins, steaks and fillets offer a palette of culinary compositions for a creative, gourmet, healthy and light cuisine. With their “fresher than fresh” standard, SAPMER products are particularly suited for the preparation of sashimi, tartare, carpaccio and semi-cooked fillets.


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