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SAPMER undertakes to deliver the best products to the Japanese, the greatest seafood amateurs in the world. From our fishing vessels to the port of Shimizu, where our products are distributed, the Ahi tuna, Patagonian Toothfish and the Rock lobster.

The finest connoisseurs are Japanese

As the country that loves seafood the most, Japan earns its reputation as a land of great connoisseurs. Their boundless passion for the product warrants very stringent quality and freshness standards. The Japanese expect the best from SAPMER’s premium quality Ahi tuna, Rock lobster and Patagonian Toothfish products which they particularly prize. These are standards with which SAPMER complies with and adjusts itself to in order to bring excellence to Japanese people.

Ultra-freshness guaranteed all the way to Japan

To provide this premium quality to which Japanese people hold onto so dearly, SAPMER is engaged in an evermore demanding transport process from Reunion Island for the Patagonian Toothfish and Rock lobster, and from Mauritius for the Ahi tuna. These products are therefore transported at -40°C in refrigerated containers all the way to the port of Shimizu, where they are stored in cold-storage rooms at a temperature of -60°C before they are distributed. Throughout the entire production chain, this very stringent ultra-low temperature standard guarantees a product of the highest quality.

SAPMER's seafood products in the best restaurants of Tokyo

In addition to being sold in most Japanese retail stores, SAPMER products feature prominently on the menu of Tokyo’s best restaurants, who have a particular penchant for our Patagonian Toothfish. Our Rock lobster, for its part, is mainly sold during the Japanese New Year in a basket called Osechi. The SAPMER lobster is either eaten as sashimi (on ice) or cooked Mushiyaki style. Japanese chefs also use our Ahi tuna for a plethora of recipes: Sashimi, Negitoro, Tuna Kiriotoshi, Tuna zuke-don…

Plateforme de distribution

- Shimizu, Japan