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Carefully portioned to the needs of chefs and chefs-restaurateurs, each SAPMER product offers a delightful experience for the one cooking it, as well as for those seated at the table. Ahi Tuna center-cut loins, Patagonian Toothfish fillets and Rock lobsters cook nicely without undergoing weight loss and while preserving a natural taste of impeccable freshness.

Ahi tuna center-cut loin - SAPMER

Ahi tuna center-cut loin

Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


2 kg

The flesh pink in this piece of fish is soft, as meticulously cut to the heart of the loin. Guaranteed without bones or skin, this SAPMER signed heart will be the ideal component for all preparations of type sashimi, searing or marinade serving the professionals of the kitchen.

Raw Ahi tuna loin - Sapmer

Ahi tuna loin

Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


1 à 5 kg

Ahi tuna piece outcome from Indian Ocean fisheries. The loin is appreciated by professionals and chefs for the diversity of culinary proposals it offers. A fresh and tasty natural tuna piece that allows multiple cuts like sashimi, sushi, steak, or fillet.

Raw Chilean Seabass fillet - SAPMER

Patagonian Toothfish fillet

Wild caught in The Southern and Antarctic Lands


1.5 kg

An exigent and strictly controlled fishing for which fishermen stay weeks at sea, the Patagonian Toothfish is a historical product and pride of the SAPMER. Real "white gold" of the Southern seas, this deserved and exceptional dishes invite to outstanding experiences.

Raw whole Rock Lobster - Sapmer


Wild caught in The Southern and Antarctic Lands

In the kitchen, the cold water lobster do wonders by its natural characteristic and its exceptional taste. This lobster is distinguished of regular lobsters by a more firm and pink flesh and also by a refined taste. SAPMER French fishermen are the only ones in the world to fish them for the price of a journey tinted of incredible adventures.