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Enjoy delicious restaurant-like SAPMER products while being at home. Convenient and easy to cook, they are available skinless and boneless for a more enjoyable tasting experience. Free from any coloring or preservatives, these products guarantee the tasting experience of freshly caught fish. 100% natural products for simple and tasty cooking.

Visuel packaging SAPMER pack steak thon x2


Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


300 g

When it is cut into fillets, Ahi tuna fished in the Indian Ocean by SAPMER deploys a particularly tender flesh. The know-how of the SAPMER's teams allows to obtain a piece of choice, in a nice cooking form. A "must" for refined recipes.

Chilean Seabass fillets pack - SAPMER

Patagonian Toothfish portions pack

Wild caught in The Southern and Antarctic Lands


450 g

Ideal format for a delicious meal with several guests or simply for keeping Patagonian Toothfish pavement in reserve to serve the urge. The possibility of preparing gourmet dishes at any time! Practical and resealable pack, a tasty and perfect recipe to enjoy this particularly melting flesh is also provided on the packaging.

6 Ahi tuna steaks pack - SAPMER

6 Ahi tuna steaks

Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


1 kg

Conveniently packed as six individual pieces, SAPMER Ahi Tuna steaks have what it takes to make the entire family happy. With this family-size package, you will always have some tuna handy for last-minute meals. Its fast defrosting time and the recipes found on the packaging provide added value.

2 Ahi tuna steaks package - SAPMER

4 Ahi tuna steaks - Family pack

Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


500 g

The skinless and boneless Ahi Tuna steaks can easily be used in gourmet dishes for the entire family or a dinner for two. Its fast defrosting time makes it an easy to cook and convenient product and providing an excellent source of proteins.

SAPMER 2 Skipjack fillets package

2 skipjack fillets

Wild caught in the Indian Ocean


250 g

Discover the pronounced taste of the Skipjack, is deep red color and tenderness of its flesh. SAPMER Skipjack fillets are skinless, boneless and guaranteed to be free from preservatives and coloring. They allow for new experiences in the kitchen and can be used for easily prepared all kinds of meals.