North Americe city view - Sapmer in Northern America

in Northern America

SAPMER's products have won the hearts of the retail chains and restaurants in United States and Canada. High quality products as Patagonian Toothfish and the 100% natural tuna are real hits. A market in full expansion.

From the sea to your table: fresher than fresh

Whether they originate from the Southern seas (Patagonian Toothfish) or from the Indian Ocean (Ahi tuna), all SAPMER’s fish products are first dispatched to Reunion Island or Mauritius, from where they are then shipped to the major ports of Northern America. The Patagonian Toothfish and Ahi tuna therefore retain their impeccable freshness during each step of their journey to their respective distribution sites. The fishes are deep-frozen at an ultra-low temperature on board fishing vessels as soon as they are caught. They are kept at the same temperature in the refrigerated containers and cold-storage rooms. An essential requirement for the preservation of their premium quality.

The United States says yes to the Ahi Tuna and Patagonian Toothfish!

SAPMER’s products access the American market in its entirety through the port of Los Angeles. The United States has long been an amateur of the Patagonian Toothfish, particularly with its natural and delicate taste. A Patagonian Toothfish that features on the menu of American restaurants is the promise of a tasty culinary journey. The popularity of the Ahi tuna, for its part, is ever growing, due to its 100% natural taste, lightness, its health benefits and the assurance of renewed and balanced culinary adventures.

Montreal gets hooked on Ahi tuna

Eager for new culinary experiences, Montreal falls for the SAPMER Ahi tuna, available in retail chains and restaurants of this bustling Canadian city that longs to discover unique flavors. Ahi tuna steaks, fillets and loins offer multiple possibilities to ignite the most innovative menus. Sashimi, sushi, tataki, carpaccio, tartare, steak and semi-cooked fillet… With the premium-grade SAPMER’s products available on the Canadian market, all culinary fantasies are permitted.

Plateforme de distribution

- Montréal Port, Canada

- Los Angeles Port, US