Fresh sushis - Fresher than fresh SAPMER standards

Fresher than fresh

SAPMER’s products are caught in the remote waters of the Indian Ocean and southern seas. The deep-freezing method at ultra-low temperatures used on board is the only way to preserve the fish’s natural freshness, as though it just came out of the water; resulting in a guaranteed outstanding gourmet experience.

Deep frozen fish: the perfect solution for freshness!

SAPMER’s boats carry out fishing operations in the waters of the Indian Ocean, far from the coasts pollution. The products are deep-frozen as soon as they are taken out of the water. First step: the fresh tuna is placed in a refrigerated brine bath which initiates the cooling process. This is then followed by deep-freezing at an ultra-low temperature of -40°C. The process is carried out in the shortest possible time frame by the SAPMER’s teams. From this point onwards, the products remain at a constant temperature while they are processed, transported, stored and distributed. This is the only way of obtaining a premium quality “fresher than fresh” Ahi Tuna or Skipjack.

The supreme quality of the Patagonian Toothfish and Rock Lobster

Remote fishing trips in the southern seas allow SAPMER to catch the very best wild Patagonian Toothfish and Rock Lobsters, 100% natural products from an unspoiled environment. Deep-freezing at very low temperatures (-20°C for the Bonito) and (-25°C for the Spiny Lobster) is the only method guaranteeing the preservation of the exceptional characteristics of a freshly caught fish. The deep-freezing process is carried out on board SAPMER vessels immediately after the catch providing a tasting of Patagonian Toothfish and Rock Lobsters at its best!

All the flavors of a fresh fish

Nothing tastes better! The SAPMER’s product in your plate will taste like a freshly caught fish. The ultra-low temperature process guarantees the preservation of the unrivaled flavor of fresh fish; its beautiful deep color, as well as its juicy texture and perfect flesh. All the flavors and nutritional goodness also remain unspoiled. The “fresher than fresh” quality of SAPMER’s frozen fish makes of it a sought-after product, particularly for sophisticated raw fish-based recipes. For chefs, this premium sashimi-grade product is the promise of a perfect tartare, sashimi or carpaccio. With the same characteristics as a freshly caught fish, this product also works wonders when turned into a steak, fillet, or semi-cooked as tataki… Guaranteed as being preservative and coloring-free, this natural product offers a raw and unique tasting experience.
Antarctic seas - fish products traceability


SAPMER's teams strive daily with rigor carrying out the traceability process as soon as the fish products are caught.

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No dyes or preservatives do change the gustatory and nutritional properties of SAPMER's products caught in Austral seas and Indian Ocean.

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