Sapmer Rock lobster pot vessel

Natural wild fish

All SAPMER’s products originate from healthy and preserved fishing zones in the Indian Ocean and Southern seas thereby consumers can enjoy the exceptional taste and nutritional properties of our coloring and preservative-free products.

Preserved fishing zones
for naturally wild fish.

SAPMER conducts its fishing operations in completely preserved and healthy fishing zones on the far edges of the world. These pristine and virginal environments guarantee wild and natural catches.
While the Patagonian Toothfish can be caught in the cold waters of Kerguelen and Crozet islands, the SAPMER’s Rock Lobster lives in equally cold waters near the Amsterdam and Saint Paul’s islands. These Southern seas, free of human presence, offer an amazing environment for wild catches. Same applies for the tuna-fishing zones located in the Indian Ocean at several days of navigation far from the coast, representing an unspoiled environment that guarantees natural tuna catches.

The 100% natural guarantee

The deep-freezing of SAPMER’s products at ultra-low temperatures as soon as they are caught ensures a “fresher than fresh” result, guaranteeing a 100% preservation of the product’s characteristics. Guaranteed skinless and boneless, the SAPMER fish – Ahi tuna, Skipjack or Patagonian Toothfish – is 100% flesh! It is easy to cook with a perfect texture, as nothing is added in the process: no water, no preservatives and no dyes. The consumer is assured a meal size that is equal to the initial weight of the fish. What could possibly be better than wild Rock Lobster or natural tuna?

All the nutritional elements of a wild fish

An original taste packed with raw sensations: this is what you can expect of SAPMER’s products. The Patagonian Toothfish, Rock Lobsters and the natural tuna, retain all their precious nutritional qualities necessary for a healthy diet. These products represent an excellent source of proteins, Omega 3, trace elements and vitamins. These wild fish are health allies that guarantee absolute delight for a light, healthy and delicious cuisine.


SAPMER's products are frozen at ultra-low temperatures to preserve the qualities of fresh fish as if he came out of the water..

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Antarctic seas - fish products traceability


SAPMER's teams strive daily with rigor carrying out the traceability process as soon as the fish products are caught.

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