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in Mauritius

SAPMER has been carrying out its Indian Ocean Tuna fishing activities from its base in Mauritius since 2008. A transformation and valorization plant of Skipjack and Ahi tuna products is in operation on the island. The local market also enjoy SAPMER products.

SAPMER products on the Mauritian market

Besides the 30 different countries to which it exports its products, SAPMER also places its Ahi tuna and Skipjack products on the Mauritian market. Mauritians can find our brand, particularly our premium Ahi tuna steaks, in supermarkets. An ideal opportunity for the locals to enjoy high-quality skinless and boneless products that are easy to cook, healthy and delicious. Discover the ruby color of our tuna and the tenderness of its flesh on your plate. Be it in the form of sashimi, semi-cooked or as a curry, they are perfect for any culinary preparation! In strict compliance with food security standards, our 100% natural seafood products are Halal certified, as they are free of coloring, preservatives or any other substance. The famous Ahi Tuna which is much-appreciated by the Mauritian population is also very popular among the prestigious hotels and restaurants of the island, where this delicacy features prominently on the menu. With the multiple cutting possibilities that they offer, our center-cut loins and other ultra-fresh seafood products are prepared by chefs in prestigious restaurants in the form of carpaccio, tartare, sashimi and semi-cooked dishes.


The nerve center of fishing activities in the Indian Ocean

Its new fishing zone since 2008, this region of the Indian Ocean is the hub of SAPMER’s tuna fishing activity. All processes related to Tuna and Skipjack products are therefore initiated in Mauritius, from where these natural products are later shipped. Fishing activities are conducted far offshore, where the natural and wild tuna can be found. The fish are deep-frozen at an ultra-low temperature of -40°C as soon as they are taken out of the water for a fresher than fresh quality..

A tuna valorization plant in Mauritius

Our latest generation factory called Mer des Mascareignes (in collaboration with the IBL group) began her activity in 2008. The SAPMER Ahi tuna and Skipjack superior quality pieces are thus cut out without being defrosted and remain at a constant temperature of -40°C to enable the loins, center-cut loins, steaks and fillets to remain perfectly fresh. This equipment also affords significant stocking volumes in cold-storage rooms at -40 degrees Celsius.

The starting point for worldwide distribution

Once our SAPMER products have been valorizated in our plant, they are shipped from Mauritius to international markets in Europe, Northern America, Japan, China and South Africa. SAPMER products, besides being destined to chefs and restaurant professionals who particularly appreciate the freshness and premium quality of these products, can also be found in major retail stores.

Plateforme de distribution

- Port-Louis, Mauritius