Iceberg and Antarctic seas - SAPMER flawless traceability

Product traceability

In our quest to guarantee perfect quality and food safety to consumers, SAPMER’s teams do their utmost on a daily basis by meticulously carrying out the traceability process as soon as the fish products are caught. 

Complete traceability, from the sea to the table

To ensure the optimum traceability of fish products, all required legal information for the Skipjack and Rock Lobster are provided on each package. This process is immediately carried out after the fish are caught and deep-frozen on board SAPMER’s vessels. In a bid to provide to the consumer a complete information and ensure food safety, the date, place, fishing gear, vessel, description, size, registration number, date of minimum durability and lot number all appear on the packaging.

Tuna traceability: a long-lasting commitment

For perfect Tuna traceability, SAPMER records its historical information at each stage of the process in order to identify the origin of each fish caught in the Indian Ocean. An onboard tagging system enables the identification of the tide as well as the vessel used for fishing the Ahi Tuna and Skipjack. The traceability processes of the Tuna are handled in the valorization facility of SAPMER located on Mauritius Island. Within this facility, the fish are sorted, weighed and packaged in such a way to enable quick identification of lots through the use of legal notices. Complete traceability of fish products is thus guaranteed, as well as total food safety and transparency.

Food certification guarantees the traceability of fish products

At the end of 2014, SAPMER obtained the ‘BRC-IFS’ food certifications for his valorization plant found in Mauritius. This guarantees the total control of the entire production chain for the traceability of the Ahi tuna and Skipjack. The terms and conditions of these specifications are amongst the strictest and most demanding. The traceability, hygiene and risk management processes observed throughout the SAPMER logistic are taken into consideration.


SAPMER's products are frozen at ultra-low temperatures to preserve the qualities of fresh fish as if he came out of the water..

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No dyes or preservatives do change the gustatory and nutritional properties of SAPMER's products caught in Austral seas and Indian Ocean.

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