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Major retail chains in Europe place their trust in SAPMER products. Ahi tuna, Skipjack, Patagonian Toothfish and Rock lobster cuts are dispatched by means of transport who’s ensure the ultra-freshness of our fish destined for the European market.

Fresher than fresh seafood products for Europe

From the sea to your table, SAPMER does everything within possibility to guarantee a transport process that preserves the freshness and quality of Tuna products destined for the European market. The fish are immediately deep-frozen at an ultra-low temperature of -40°C on board the fishing vessels plying the Indian Ocean. Thereafter, the steaks, fillets and loins are cut out without ever defrosting the fish at our Ahi tuna and Skipjack valorization plant in Mauritius. It is also from Mauritius that the Ahi tuna products are shipped to France at -40°C in refrigerated containers. SAPMER’s products are stored at ultra low temperature cold-storage rooms at the port of Le Havre before they are distributed throughout France and in a dozen other European countries, particularly Spain, Italy, Belgium and even Denmark. Freshness guaranteed.

SAPMER wins the trust of retail giants

All SAPMER facilities meet stringent quality, freshness and food security standards, making of it a recognized trademark by most major European retail stores be it for the Ahi tuna and Skipjack products as well as for the Rock lobster that are regularly distributed during the festive season. These retail units, therefore, propose the best that the sea has to offer to their customers and allow them to experience natural tasting, healthy and delicious seafood.

Ahi tuna and Skipjack products in the best restaurants

The chefs of the best restaurants and brasseries in Europe are delighted by our Ahi tuna cuts and Skipjack fillets. With its premium quality and boneless flesh boasting an intense and seductive color, this natural product enables chefs to express their culinary talents through the preparation of various gourmet dishes.

Plateforme de distribution

- Du Havre Port, France

- Genoa Port, Italy

- Ancona Port, Italy

- Vigo Port, Spain

- Algeciras Port, Spain