SAPMER history since 1947


It all began in 1947, with the single purpose and incredible determination of a few pioneers from Reunion Island who dared to brave hostile seas at the far edges of the world. Even the most extreme of fishing trips could not subdue SAPMER’s love for the sea. To this day, this same passion drives our team members.

An extreme fishing expedition to conquer the Roch Lobster

It was out of a taste for adventure that SAPMER was born, coupled with the desires of a handful of fishermen from Reunion Island to explore the far edges of the world. In 1947, these pioneers decided to venture out into the southern seas despite dreadful navigational conditions. Against all odds and on board a modest three-masted engine-powered sailing vessel, they set course for the Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands. Lying in wait, beyond the horizon and further than the eye could see, were glaciers, unknown lands and ice-cold waters. These were unspoiled, wild territories that concealed tremendous riches.

From this initial fishing trip, they managed to bring back a rare species found exclusively in the seas bordering Antarctica. This species, the Rock Lobster was about to establish the long-lasting reputation of SAPMER. To this day and still driven by the initial passion of their predecessors, our fishermen are the only ones in the world to venture to the far edges of the world to catch this unique lobster.

Expanding our activities with Patagonian Toothfish and Tuna fishing

SAPMER pursues its adventure with passion, commitment and responsible fishing. In the mid 80s, our teams led a fishing expedition through monstrous waves and terrifying winds into the icy territory surrounding the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands. Catching the Patagonian Toothfish, a rare and prized species, is a fearsome but rewarding fishing experience. Here again, the SAPMER’s teams were the pioneers.

This appetite for conquest – always fueled by the respect of human rights, of environmental concerns and of living species – never wanes when the time comes to start a new adventure in the Indian Ocean. As from the mid-2000s, the fishing of the Ahi tuna and the Skipjack did not take long to flowering. Today, from its new headquarters in Mauritius, SAPMER does its utmost to offer customers a unique and astounding gourmet experience by setting out for the very best that the sea has to offer.

Key figures

SAPMER has been involved in the sustainable Ahi tuna, Skipjack, Rock lobster and Patagonian Toothfish fishing ever since 1947. Discover the company 7 key figures.



Deep freeze tuna purse seiners and longliners, SAPMER has powerful fishing vessels, the latest generation plant and equipment dedicated to the ultra-cool service.