A sustainable fishery
exceptional flavors

A sustainable fishery <br>exceptional flavors
Rock lobster delight - recipe by sapmer

Rock lobster delight with parsley

The Recipe

Natural products

For all SAPMER products originating from the Indian Ocean and Southern seas, no dye or preservative is added. Thereby, consumers can fully enjoy the exceptional taste and nutritional properties of thereof.

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SAPMER Ahi tuna steak package

SAPMER in supermarket


SAPMER - Certifications pĂȘche durable

Good practices for sustainable fishing

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Chilean Seabass crumble recipe by sapmer

Chilean Seabass crumble with zucchini tagliatelles

The Recipe

SAPMER history - A french fishing compagny since 1947


Discover the exploits of a French fishing company, SAPMER; from the conquest of the Rock Lobster to that of the Ahi Tuna, the Chilean Seabass and the Skipjack.


Exceptional logistics - Sapmer fishing vessels


Deep freeze tuna purse seiners and longliners, SAPMER has powerful fishing vessels, the latest generation plant and equipment dedicated to the ultra-cool service.


Raw Skipjack fillet by Sapmer

Skipjack fillet

Much-appreciated product in Asia that is also winning the hearts of European gourmets, the Skipjack distinguishes itself by its pronounced taste and its deep red color.

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Our quality commitments

Traceability, freshness and naturalness for the benefit of the great taste and nutritional properties of the SAPMER's products