Cooked Rock lobster by Sapmer

Whole Rock lobster

The French fishermen of SAPMER are the only ones in the world to undertake the incredibly perilous adventure to catch these crustaceans. The cold southern seas Rock lobster is differentiated from common lobsters by its firmer, pink flesh and refined taste. With its natural characteristics and exceptional taste qualities, the Rock Lobster works wonders in the kitchen.

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The whole Rock lobster, a precious resource of the Southern seas

It takes great courage to brave the raging Southern seas! Since the very beginning, SAPMERs fishermen have been driven by passion and determination. They will, under no circumstances back down in their quest to reach the Amsterdam and Saint-Paul Islands, close to the Antarctic glaciers. This is where it all started in 1947. As true pioneers, fishermen from Reunion Island set out to explore this extremely rich but unknown territory. They discovered the unique Rock lobster; a rare species found exclusively in these waters. To this day, SAPMER is the only company in the world to fish the Rock lobster.

The Rock lobster,
a preserved authentic taste

As is the case for all SAPMERs products, the whole Rock lobster offers the “fresher than fresh” experience. The exceptional characteristics of the whole Rock lobster are preserved with the onboard deep-freezing process, a process carried out immediately after the catch. In its cooked version, as soon as out of the water, the SAPMER’s Rock lobster is prepared in boiling water directly on board the fishing vessels. It is then deep-frozen in the shortest possible time. These techniques enable SAPMER to preserve the fresh characteristics and natural premium quality of a product caught in the pristine and pollution-free Southern seas.

An exceptional culinary experience

An exceptional culinary experience Seafood lovers swear by this small, red Rock lobster, with its firm, pink flesh and melt-in-the-mouth texture, delicate sweet taste and elevated omega 3 properties. True experts in the field, the Japanese look up to this premium-grade product as a “must-cook” dish for festive events. It is perfect as garnishing for soups or broths, cut out as sashimi, lightly pan-seared, or oven-cooked for a few minutes before serving. Light and very tasty, the Rock lobster is a refined dish enjoyed by demanding gourmets.
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