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Delicately cut from the center of the loin, the flesh of this Ahi tuna piece is tender. This center cut loin bearing the SAPMER seal is the perfect ingredient for all types of dishes; sashimi, seared or marinate, featuring the quality that professional chefs can rely on.

Logos certification Dolphin Safe et Friend of the Sea

Fresh tuna gourmet experience

In an endeavor to offer a unique gourmet experience to consumers, as though the fish was fresh out of the water, SAPMER fishermen immediately deep-freeze the Ahi tuna on board fishing vessels at an ultra-low temperature of -40°. This technique preserves the flavors of the fish and renders the addition of food coloring and preservatives completely unnecessary. Ahi tuna caught in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean brings the much sought-after taste of a 100% natural product together with absolute freshness.

The melt-in-the-mouth Yellowfin tuna

Cut from the loin, this premium-grade center cut unveils all the tenderness of the Ahi Tuna. The ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ nature of this fish heightens the flavors of this product. Tasty, skinless and boneless, its ruby-red flesh is unrivaled and its practical shape makes this a product for professionals. Chefs have more than enough to express their creativity in the kitchen thanks to our generous portions (SAPMER cuts weigh 1.5 kg).

Nothing goes to waste with the center cut loin!

Thanks to the many preparation possibilities it offers, SAPMER’s Ahi tuna center cut loin is favored by chefs. Nothing goes to waste, it is 100% flesh! Carve it as you like by taking advantage of its shape and obtain astounding results. Perfect for raw food recipes such as sashimi and sushi, the center cut loin can also be cut as a steak or fillet, depending on the menu.
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Ahi tuna center-cut loin - SAPMER
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