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SAPMER develops its visual identity and confirms its new strategic direction.

SAPMER develops its visual identity and confirms its new strategic direction.


Press release, April 23, 2018

Sapmer adopts a new logo, more in line with its new strategic approaches. The first French shipowner, always looking for innovation, confirms its shift towards a production of outstanding products in their own brand.
 SAPMER new logo
New strategy, new graphic identity, new logo
It was essential for the first French fishing company to adopt a new graphic identity, focused on the end consumer and making the recognition of these soon-to-be revealed products easier. This new identity emphasises the impulse given to a direct selling in the next months or years, by using the codes of a “seafood” company that masters every stage from the ocean to the dinner plate.

From the ocean to the dinner plate: closer to the end consumer
The first French fishing shipowner, a historic operator in offshore fisheries in the TAAF waters (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises – French Southern and Antarctic Lands), has worked on organizational and structural adjustment for 4 years, in order to fish and market its sea products under their own brand. SAPMER has opened two fine fishmongers in Reunion Island, its historic headquarters. A third one will soon open in Concarneau, allowing local consumers to rediscover, with its own SAPMER brand, the fruits of fishing excellence.

Unchanged values for a new positioning
If SAPMER has chosen to shorten its sales channel and develop a “niche market” on premium and 100% natural sea products, the company can rely on the values that have made it a historic fishing operator.

Nature as a top priority for SAPMER: the company is indeed committed to a responsible environmental approach to fish quality products in a reasoned and duly certified operating framework, with a drastic waste management.

A French legacy: a fishing company created in 1947 in Reunion Island, the group has been listed on the stock exchange since 2009, on the Alternext Paris market, and is mostly held by a French-law holding company, set up in France. This attachment is particularly reflected by the recruitment of many French sea and land responsible parties (captains and chief officers).

Focused on innovation: in 70 years, SAPMER has fostered a pioneer spirit, both in terms of sea activities (development of its fishing areas, improvement of its fishing techniques, its shipping fleet, the species caught…) and land based activities (integration of new professions, development of new products, identification of new distribution channels…). Its latest innovation developed in partnership with EMYG company has allowed it to bring back live lobsters to the dock, caught more than 3000 kilometres from Reunion Island, in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands’ waters.

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