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A new MSC certification for SAPMER toothfish!

A new MSC certification for SAPMER toothfish!

After two years’ hard work the good news has finally arrived: SAPMER and the members of the S.A.R.P.C* toothfish fished in the Crozet* zone in the Antarctic, is now certified MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), just like the toothfish fished in the Kerguelen* zone which has been certified since 2013. 

SAPMER-MSC Certification Légine Archipel de Crozet-SAPMER certification MSC Légine

Crozet island (photo credit TAAF)

This MSC certification recognises once again SAPMER commitment to sustainability. This certification is based on several fundamental criteria:
  1. Sustain fish stock,
  2. Minimise environmental impact,
  3. Establish a transparent and efficient management system.
Audits are carried out annually to evaluate if these criteria are being followed, which conditions the certification being kept.

SAPMER-Peche à la légine-certification MSC Crozet

Toothfish fishing (photo credit SAPMER)

Other criteria for this fishery are also in place:
  • Quota allocation per ship,
  • Specific date and fishing zone,
  • Fishing technique that seeks the elimination of non-targeted species and by-catch,
  • TAAF observer onboard the ships during all fishing trips,
  • Control of the fishing zone to eliminate illegal fishing,
  • Etc.

This fishery is also subject to scientific monitoring by the MNHN*.  This control, which also exists at the CCAMLR* level, guarantees the preservation, the sustainability of the resource and the balance of the marine eco-system, which presents a unique diversity that must be preserved.

SAPMER-Certification MSC Crozet
SAPMER-Certification MSC Crozet

SAPMER and the S.A.R.P.C members welcome this recognition, which confirms the exemplary nature of this unique ‘responsible’ fishery at an international level.

SAPMER-SARPC Peche légine certification MSC
SAPMER-TAAF Certification légine
MNHN-MSC certification Crozet
CCAMLR-MSC Certification Crozet

  • Le S.A.R.P.C (Reunion Freezer Longliner Syndicate) has been protecting since 2002 the future of this activity, by working mainly on the responsible management of the resource and the preservation of its environment. All ship owners have a fishing authorisation. Based on this, they are capable of presenting all documents connected to their toothfish sales and comply with strict regulations.
  • The Exclusive Economic Zones of Crozet and Kerguelen are managed by the T.A.A.F administration (French Southern and Antarctic Territories)
  • MNHN (National Museum of Natural History (France))
  • CCAMLR (Commission for the conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources)

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