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Whole Patagonian Toothfish

The Patagonian Toothfish is an appreciated as rare fish. The most prestigious Asian and North American tables swear by it for exquisite culinary preparations.

Certifications MSC et Colto

The extreme MSC Patagonian Toothfish fishing

The French Patagonian Toothfish owes its reputation both to its unrivaled taste and the difficulties that characterize this type of fishing. SAPMER’s teams place a great deal of effort to reach the region around the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands, where fishing campaigns for the Patagonian Toothfish are conducted. This fish, living in the depths of the icy waters of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, is caught at the cost of tremendous effort by SAPMER’s fishermen working in extreme conditions.

The Patagonian Toothfish, a rare fish

SAPMER is one of the rare companies authorized to fish for Patagonian Toothfish in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, making it exclusive activity. The fishing of this species is subject to severe regulations and extremely strict quotas, which ensure the optimum management of this rare and much-appreciated resource. French Southern and Antarctic Territories inspectors are on board the SAPMER longliners during each of its campaigns. In 2013, SAPMER obtained the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification, recognizing the sustainability of the Patagonian Toothfish fishery around the Kerguelen Islands. MSC ensures the preservation of this resource, the respect of ecosystems and the efficiency of the fishery management system.

In most prestigious Asian and American restaurants

Available from 1 to 15 kg, the SAPMER whole Patagonian Toothfish is beheaded and gutted on board fishing vessels and deep-frozen at a very low temperature shortly after being caught. A unique texture and taste are guaranteed thanks to its unspoiled freshness.
The rarity of the whole Patagonian Toothfish and its preserved taste make of it a much-appreciated dish in Asia and North America. This ‘white gold’, with its melt-in-the-mouth flesh that seduces the amateurs of unique tasting sensations, makes the French Patagonian Toothfish the most sought-after variety in the world. The most prestigious restaurants in New York and Tokyo include it on their menu for its remarkable qualities and the delicious dishes it allows for. Besides its great taste, this oily fish also possesses numerous nutritional benefits, as it is a major source of omega 3, which prevents cardiovascular diseases. The proteins, vitamins (A, D and E) and numerous trace elements (iodine, zinc, copper, selenium, fluorine, calcium…) contained in the Patagonian Toothfish make of it a health and wellness fish par excellence.
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