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SAPMER announces new developments

SAPMER announces new developments

SAPMER announces news developments for its southern seas activity in order to create better fishing conditions for their seafarers and prepare for the future by devoting more time exploring other fishing zones.

For its next fishing campaign (2016-2017), SAPMER changes from 3 to 4 fishing trips for one of its longliners and modifies the rotation of its other three longliners.

This innovation led to recruitment, currently underway, of 35 French sailors for positions such as captain, second mate, chief engineer, engineer, cook, bosun, etc.

The management of a fishing  campaign in the southern seas requires skilled seafarers, with experience and great awareness of the weather conditions and the rough seas in order to ensure a successful fishing activity, quality of the species fished, respect of the marine environment as well as the safety of all the people and all the equipment on board.

As a reminder, SAPMER has the use of the longliner CAP HORN 1 as of 1 August 2016 (in replacement of CROIX DU SUD) and therefore operates 4 identical longliners of high performance.

Committed to better fishing since 1947, first reunion island fishing company, and amongst the first French fishing companies, SAPMER continues to improve its operations , fully aware of its duties : exemplary behavior in regards to the management of the resource and excellence in terms of conducting all its operations.
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